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Livestock for impoverished families in Rwanda.
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Goats for impoverished families in Rwanda

Bear Without Borders has recently completed a month long Goat Drive!  To celebrate the Pascal Offering, the Lamb of God, Mother Earth, or just Being Giving in a cool and unique way people had the opportunity to contribute to the purchase of goats for impoverished families in Rwanda.   Many of these families lost heads-of-households during the genocide of 1994 and a pair of goats will be a tremendous asset for them.

Goats can graze even on poor, dry land, unsuitable for other livestock.   They can supply families with several quarts of milk a day, which is a significant contribution, particularly to undernourished chidlren.  Extra milk and chees can be sold, as well, generating income for other necessities.  Even goat manure can be used to enrich the soil these farmers use to grow their families' food.

To further the spirit of giving, the first kid born to a donated pair of goats is given away to another impoverished family.  The original recipients can keep any subsequent offspring. 

Families are given pairs of goats (1 male and 1 female) and are trained in proper goat care.  Goats are $30 each.  We would be delighted if you would take part in this project together with us!

Many thanks to our recent contributors!